The enormous possibilities and implications of the use of video by language teachers has always fascinated me. It has been great sharing ideas with Alex and letting our imaginations loose.

That is the joy of using these new technologies, one seems to come up with an idea and there seems to be a technological tool to complement it. I am very interested in Schumann’s acculturation model (Schumann, 1978) and the apparent positive effects that acculturation can have on motivation and self-esteem amongst second language learners. With this in mind I have created a YouTube channel called Culture Vultures which we will use to publish videos of local culture. We will start with Brighton but ultimately the idea is for students to contribute their own videos to this channel thus building up a cultural video database that students can consult before they go to study in a particular country or location. The idea is to show a more quirky side to places in addition to the normal monuments and landmarks that can be found. The aim is to provide visual talking stimuli for students in the foreign language which is both relevant and interesting.

We also have another 2 video channels that we have created for CAE materials and outlooks on life. These video channels are aimed principally at more Advanced students of English and ,in particular, those studying for Cambridge main suite exams. With these videos we aim to give student’s interesting stimuli for practicing speaking in the main areas focused on in those exams.

Video is important in that it contextualises language and can be used as a collaborative tool both in it’s making and in it’s exploitation in a pedagogic setting. We will be adding more to the video channels in the coming weeks, here is the link to Culture Vultures.



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