-Going Forward-

Building on David’s ‘Future Projects’ post, some of our future plans for materials also include:

Using Bubbler for student created materials to help them to understand ‘genre type’, an important aspect for learners to understand when writing in different registers for Cambridge FCE exams. For example, before the practice of writing a letter of complaint, in respect of terrible service and food in a restaurant; students could create storyboards around this theme, which should then help to connect their letter writing directly to the social situation and intended readership (in this case the restaurant manager).

Further development of activities for Trinity GESE speaking exam students. I would like to concentrate on the lower levels grades 1-4, working on creating activities that should assist learners throughout the syllabuses to be covered. During the summer there will then be the opportunity to pilot what has been developed, and David and I will analyse feedback received and assess the effectiveness of the materials according to our framework.

A series of interviews with both teachers and students, including the topic of discussion centering around materials and activities within the ELT classroom. It will be very useful to record what both practitioners and learners alike are really thinking about materials in all manner of forms, from the coursebook to the materials-lite approach, using a blackboard and marker or the latest technology. The responses in the interviews should shed some light as to their effectiveness, as well as preferences in terms of teaching and learning. An initial interview has just been added to our YouTube channel and is very interesting!




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